Groups Channels In Mixer.


What about improve mixer with group channels, I mean send many tracks on a unique channel. To adjust tracks volume by section quickly; like rythmic / bass / lead / pad / voice samples.

We can do that with aux send but it’s not really like a real mixer works.


+1billion to remake mixer totally. phasing drives me nuts…

Hate to rain on your parade but good luck getting this one since there already are send tracks.

but you have my +10 because I do believe there is a difference between send tracks and group tracks. I suggested something earlier like allowing the tracks to be routable (after post-fx fader) to send tracks which would be somewhat a solution but that one got thrown in the bin i suppose.

Why I want this:
Sometimes I want to “join” some tracks with a couple of effects and often I want this late in the production. Then my pre-made mixing is ruined or it at least becomes boring and tedious to fix the send-amounts to match the volume sliders. This resulting in me never using send tracks as buses even though I really would like to and I like the idea that one thing has many uses. I know I could use the pre-fx faders but 1. this aint the same and 2. I use them for volume automation and 3. No matter how I twist and turn it the technical build-up of the song almost always need some reconstrution when I dont have planned the “buses” from the beginning but my way of making music doesn’t work that way.

Another solution (for MY specific needs) would be an option to allow the send-device slider to be controlled by the tracks volume slider.