Gui Bug: Pressed Keys After Midi

been using Iannix as midi-in to Renoise. working just fine. however, after i shut down the software and looked at the Renoise virtual keyboard, i saw the above. no more notes were playing, muted and exitted LoopBe internal midi. some keys go back to normal after i press them, others don’t. when i add a new instrument, the same thing shows for that one so it is not limited to a single instrument.

Are you sure it is a GUI bug and simply some keys didn’t send a release note event at all?

not 100% sure it is a GUI bug, and considered the note-off thing but found it strange that Renoise would stop playing the notes while retaining the GUI part…

Click the stop button twice for panic and you know for sure. (That’s when also all midi events should be stopped)

i’ll try and reproduce this later and will try your panic-button as a test. will report back after that and we’ll know for sure (i suppose) whether it’s a true bug or just lingering MIDI signals.