GUI design - Renoise 3.0 - VST Editors

You really should keep everything in 1 screen, as previous versions.

The VST plugin window, is totally cumbersome.

You end up switching constantly back and forth from EDIT song, to VST page.

It’s Shit!

VST should pop up on the main EDIT screen.

You might be trying to adjust knobs, while the tune is running, to plan out what you want to do in automation later.

Putting VST on own page, away from what its all about, is a huge mistake!

My 2 cents… :slight_smile:

ekhm my 2cents

1 - double click on vst instrument in instrument list -> edit -> close

2 - use instrument properties -> edit button -> close vst window

You can pin or un-pin plugin GUIs in the plugin instrument properties.

When they’re un-pinned, they will remain open no matter which part of Renoise you’re using.

5383 renoise-plugin-pin.png

You can kind of still have the vst stuff on the same page, or at least access to it. Just press the editor button for the gui.

5384 2014-11-30--1417362414_282x445_scrot.png