Gui Idea


LOVING the new release, thanks so much!

There are a few things I have noticed about the GUI that might need to be considered.

  1. The focus between the Pattern Arranger and Pattern Editor seems a little confusing. Not sure how to make each one stay in focus. Might be something to think about.

  2. There is a bit of screen real estate wasted…

Things could be made a bit tighter all round to maximise screen space.

Check this ‘current’ and my proposed ‘after’ pictures, for an example of the kind of thing that I noticed and how much space could be saved. Although this is not a big issue on those using high resolution monitors, I noticed it taking a bit of space up as I use a relatively low res (1024 x 768). Now, before you say “get a better monitor”, I use this res because I have very bad eye-site, and need to have things big on the screen to see them comfortably.

So, aside from these two things, it is looking superb!

Will report back if I find anything else.


Another thing I noticed just now…

There is no option to have just the Pattern Arranger on the screen.

This would good to have for live performance, with the Pattern Editor able to be shown, or hidden at will.

The sizing system could do with a bit of tweaking too; would be good to be able to move the partition line between the Pattern Editor and the Pattern Arranger completely freely.

+1 for full screen pattern matrix


Pattern arranger + mixer on same screen…I don’t have renoise in front of me, but this seems like it would be nice.