Gui Lag

res 1600x1050 (20" widescreen)
gpu nvidia 6800gt 256mb pci-xpress w/forceware 81.85
amd athlon 64 cpu
nvidia nforce4 chipset
m-audio firewire 410

Hi, renoise works fine when in windowed mode in a smaller window, but when i maximize the window, the gui gets slow. lag after keystrokes, etc.

I dont think its the audio card because it happens with and without the firewire 410 card.

I tried different nvidia drivers, the latest and also version 77.72 but those didnt seem to solve the problem.

at lower resolutions it works fast, but i dont see why it would slow down so much even without vst’s just because the resolution is set high.

any ideas for solutions? Maybe there is a way to customize a resolution for renoise?

thanks a million!


Have you tried playing around with the fullscreen framerate?

Configs > GUI


I greatly appreciate your response. I am at work right now, but when I get hope I will try out your tip and report back to the forum immediately!!

no problems and a fast UI with nx6600 @ 1280x1024 32bit

sounds like a directx or driver problem … and your gfx hardware acceleration setting (within the display settings & gfx-card dialog) is activated!?

ok heres the scoop,

First of all thanks for the help.

Playing with the resolution/frames settings didn’t seem to help. Thanks for the tip though.

I went to the gfx hardware acceleration setting menu (within the display settings & gfx-card dialog)and it was maxed out.
The lag problem was fixed when I lowered this setting a few notches (when it disabled direct-x). Thanks for the tip!

I have direct-x 9.0c, maybe i need to play with its settings? Also my gfx card is PCI-xpress instead of AGP, maybe thats causing a problem?

It depends, but i don’t think Direct-X has been developed for PCI express in the faster regions… how fast is your PCI-e bus?
The newer ones max out most AGP busses already (16x)

I hope they would release soundcards for the PCI express bus pretty soon… with lots of storage capacity on it and then you can transfer some serious sound from and to it…

its pci-x 16x. Well i guess i need to play around with the directx settings to get renoise to work with full windows graphics acceleration.