GUI mode for any VSTI


Hello everyone,
You have the generic sliders for any vst, but not for vsti. I know that taktik also implemented the generic vst view for vsti (same vstis don’t have a go at all). Mobdro Lucky Patcher Now some older plugins behave erratic when it comes to the GUI (e.g. tal noisemaker on macos 10.12++). nice would be a context menu entry “open generic GUI” for any vsti.

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Hi, I thought so, too, but was wrong, since you can use the instr. automation device for exactly that purpose. Btw. Noisemaker was recently updated for a working GUI under 10.12++.

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The OP seems to be a bot repost my posts :joy: So I now started to answer my own question now… Maybe I am the only one here, and just don’t know it yet?

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Reminds me… sometimes when I’ve read my old posts, I feel I want to hold that little boy’s hand and softly tell him that Renoise isn’t dangerous.