Gui Peek Errors..


i’m wondering when renoise causes a ‘gui peeking’ error should i report it here or with the vst dev ?


report it here telling us what you were doing while it happened, then taktik will inspect the problem and tell you if there is something to report to a vst developer

seems it happens with any vst instrument that uses internal patterns, when i put a lfo on a ‘select pattern’ parameter the error will sooner or later appear depending on the vst.

a LFO on the pattern selector?! :o

well, there are chances that such a behaviour has not been taken in count by the developer of the VST instruments. The error which renoise gives you most likely means that the plugin has thrown an unhandled error which was catched by Renoise, which unfortunately cannot do anything but reporting it to you

guess i should update my formula’s :D render to sample should do the trick as well.
only it’s less fun but probably more productive in the end ;)