Gui Peeking Message Error With Nexus VST

What causes the “Serious error: GUI peeking message”?

Is it a faulty VST, or a Renoise issue?

This means an access violation or some other fatal error occurred while processing windows events. Easier said: Something crashed.

This can be a fault in Renoise or in a plugin. Could you please give us more details about when this happens/happened, what you’ve done before this happened and so on? Can you replicate this error somehow?

Thought so.

This is easily reproducible.
I have Nexus VST instrument, and I have placed a new expansion pack.
When I access any of the sounds of this expansion pack, it happens.

I suspect that this pack requires a higher version of Nexus, although I know that Nexus is responsible in this regard - in the past, when an expansion pack was incompatible, it gave me a message.

Correction. This happens with more than one expansion packs, and the packs are most likely compatible with the Nexus version I am using.

Nexus 1.4.0 - these expansions crash: Bass Expansion, Analog Expansion, Stratosphere Expansion

I’ve heard that this is some kind of copy-protection in Nexus. If you own a “regular” version, you should contact the Nexus devs to find out more about this.

Thanks. Will check.
Sorry about the wrong forum, thanks for moving.