Gui Suggestion

Just a quick suggestion for the way the value font is displayed. It’s kinda based on which theme you use, what your colours are set to, etc., but with the right (or I guess wrong) settings, the value font can look quite messy and is sometimes a bit difficult to read at a quick glance.

The image above shows what I’m talking about. The numbers for octave and editstep look a bit messy to me, because of the fake LCD style effect used on the numbers I think (the faded stuff behind the numbers). As I said, it’s a bit dependant on which theme you’re using, but the theme I took these screenshots from is otherwise very clean and easy to view things with. It’s really just those values that look weird.

Perhaps in future versions the numbers could be displayed nice and cleanly like the rest of the text?

On the subject of text, I miss the convenient anti-alias toggle button. :(

(The anti-alias thing has been mentioned before, I know, I just felt like saying it here again while I was on the subject of the gui text, hehe)

/me goes to manually edit Config.xml

mmm… pretty! hehe…

I really think the font used here should be cleaner :P