Gui Suggestions For Future Releases

What about level indicators visible in the pattern editor like the old octamed? It should be nice to see the midi activity of each track in that way. A modern example can be the midi activity in the ABLETON LIVE MIDI tracks…(they are represented by yellow dotted leds instead of audio track, which are colourful levels…).
Also…I’d love to swith between the patterns with more launch option, like trigger, gate, legato and retrigger modes of Ableton Live.
I think the rest is perfect. Renoise is the best tracker ever

i second that! because we dont have a audiosignal where we can build the level indicator high, maybe we can use the “note on” events, the attack and the volume to build the current high of level meter? and maybe it would be very usefull, if never comes a not off event, that the level meter also never reach “0” , so that we can see if the channel is still “blocked”. its hard to explain for what i this need: i work with renoise and do midi tracks with third party software from nintendo. the handhelds from nintendo have a very limited amount of channels / cpu load. to keep the cpu load very low, i always need the information about the used channels. the nintendo software shows the used audiochannels, but not if the channel is “free”. its often stolen by a empty midichannel which doesnt got the note off command :( and in renoise the midi-out visualisation is simply not existend. (the “note on dot” in trackscope is not helpfull at all.
thanx for reading :)

@devteam : keep up the great work on renoise :)

Midi actions are shown in the track scopes with red leds.
The VU meters the old way was a kind of clutter that was necessary evil back those days because devs had no clean spot for these to set them up elsewhere. I’m personally very glad they got rid of those in the modern trackers.

I would like to see VU meters when tracking. First I thought it be a good idea to have them on the side of each track scope, but a detachable mixer would take care of this need in a cleaner way :)

What about replacing ‘PLAY’(under track name) with a small VU-meter?
Perhaps if it says off when it’s off like before and VU-meter when on?

a faked osci-meter in midichannels would also do the job.

hmm, did you have readen my post ?

I like!

Although, there are still small VU meters in the pattern matrix.

Bingo…But to continue on PCVF’s last question:Yes it would be nice to have visual guidance for midi signals on more places than the scopes. I would not solve that with a vu meter though, midi signals are being send or not send and you can’t tell always for every CC signal whether the send value has a high or low value behavior (if the response is used inverted on the other side).

so maybe a missing note off could visualized at least :confused: