Guitar and Bass multi sample xrni

What I did was record all the open strings, and then a few fretted notes to fill out the top end. The guitars are a four string Laguna bass and a 7 string RG series Ibanez. (Not exactly top of the line, but I like em.) Anyways, because the open strings were recorded, it’s easy to visualize whether something you’re playing is possible on a real guitar. Just open sample keyzones and make sure you’re not doubling up on a string/sample.

This is what it sounds like running through DSP chains I so amateurishly created. Regardless of the quality of my chains though I think the samples are useful:

Renoise Guitar stuffs (Folder Link)!oNtWnYxC!UE5LJnGEPXplDPvxdJOTIw

This contains the xrns of the above demo as well as just the two xrni’s.

edit: Just made a tremolo effect with lfo+gainer and did a dive bomb with 0dxx 0uxx, sounds sick:

Thanks very much for this. Is there something special I have to do in order to download those files? No matter what I click on nothing happens. I tried this in a few diferent broswers.

Nice =)

Any requests for other guitar/bass samples? :D (maybe i should post this in the collab section)

It should give you a screen showing the .xrni’s and the .xrns as things you can right click and download separately. It should look like this:

Here’s another if you have trouble with mega still (just the .xrns but it of course contains the .xrni’s inside it):


Thank you.