Guitar Players?


Just wondering if there were any guitar players on here…

I am going to start learning (bit late at nearly 30 years of age I know!), and I wondered if any of you have any experience or advice you can give me.

I want to learn Electric (as I can record this straight in to Renoise through my Emu1616m soundcard).

Obvisouly I am going to get a really cheap one to start with. No point in spending much money as I am just starting…

Another thing; if any of you do playh electric and record into your computer… What software Amp emulations are good? I am hoping there is something other than Guitar Rig available, as this is a CPU destroyer!

Warm up and stretch.
Warm up and stretch.
Warm up and stretch.

You do not want to get your tendons inflamed.

Go for used gear, as guitars and most things you would want to use with them lose $ value quick. This enables you to have an instrument that keeps in tune and sounds good, often for half the price of what you’d have to pay for a new one.

Ah cheers man! Thanks for the advice…

Yeah this is a wierd one for me… It is the first time I am going to own a real instrument! Haha. Such a backwards way of working!

Well, in Japan, guitars are SO cheap, so I am just going to get a new one and see how it goes!

Do you have any experience of software Amp emulators?

Guitar Suite is free and pretty good.

I found Guitar Rig not very good; especially the cab->mic simulation doesn’t sound right. As if the mic is in the next room instead of next to the cab. As commercial plugin, I recommend Amplitube 2 (very important: version 2 since version 1 is major crap).

Be sure to know what kind of guitar to buy.

Thanks man.

I will check out this stuff…

Do you play?

Yes, I am officially a guitar player for 2 weeks and 5 days now. ^_^ My first guitar is going to be a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom, which is on order. However, I have experience with recording guitar and guitar plugins (also guitar VST instruments) for over a year now.

Sure, first off I recommend Chord Master…s/dp/0879307668
It’s not just a “dictionary” of guitar chords. It also has sections that list possible chords that sound good with each other to build your own progressions…even the jazzier unconventional chrds progs. This is great if you plan to use the guitar to unleash new song ideas that you’d normally not think of because us lack of harmony knowledge.

Audiomulch makes a great effects rack. almost any vst effect you can find works in the program. for kicks and giggles you could even run your guitar through dblue’s glitch. anywho, one can make some pretty mind bending atmospheres by send a guitar (or any line input for that matter) through a variety of vst effect chains via audiomulch. the possibilities are virtually endless, but yeah, you are capped by what your computer can handle.
BTW if you don’t have asio support, asio4all will cut down the latency.

Again, thanks a lot guys…

So I have an Emu 1616m audio interface. This has two Hi-Z inputs and a load of line inputs round the back…

Which one should I be sticking my guitar into (and can I plug it straight in and use this Audio Interface as a Pre-Amp?)

This is the card I have!

Erm… Surely I can do this in Renoise too??

I am wondering primarily if the signal which I put into my sound card will be enough to make a noise in Renoise… I am very out of touch with all this!

Hi-Z. This works fine in Renoise. No reason to be afraid of volume. When I started playing guitar mid-90s, digital effects were crap. I’ve only found one distortionpedal I actually like, and that was priced at 900$.
My early experiences with this has made me swear to stompboxes, some from the 70’s, and amp distortion. Sadly, I haven’t tried any software for emulating this, but I guess I have to drag my oldfashioned ass out of last millenium soon.

Great. So will an Electric Guitar fed direct into the Hi-Z input of my sound card be loud enough? I mean, Electric Guitars are passive right? I dont think my sound card is a Pre-Amp too (or is it?)

Your card seems to be more than capable. Plug it in and have fun.

Ah, and one more thing. Don’t give up. Like most things, guitars bring days where it’s not fun. Try again next day, and play stuff you like, don’t force yourself to learn songs you don’t like just because they’re easy.

Cheers lad.

Yeah, this is the first instrument I have to have any physical skill in using so I guess it will be a rough ride. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Ill post results of the embarrassing crap I make regularly so you can all laugh at me.


My main reason for getting a guitar is, when I was 19 I went to Headcharge in Sheffield, UK to see a live Techno band. It was AMAZING. They had 3 people; a girl on the drum machine, a guy on the synth and another guy with his guitar plugged into a crazy chain of fx making the filthiest leads I had ever heard, and it was so loose and funky!

I wanna get me some of that action!

Hey man,

Great to hear you put some effort in playing the guitar!
I was forced to do this also because my guitarist quit the band.
but I discovered it is great fun!

to awnser your Q’s just make sure you got a nice input on your soundcard (HI-Z or use a DI)
choosing a guitar is a different story, very personal.
I like Ibanez the most for their great Price/performance messures.

Myself use Guitar rig but If you want to try a lot of things and dont want to pay a penny
I suggest Free Amp 2 of Fretted Synth Audio.
this software is amazing for a free guitar amp/effects simulator.

Hope you can do something with it.

Ah thanks again!

Wow there are so many nice people here on this board who have a lot of experience.

I am just going to get a cheap Squire guitar. I will mail pictures when I get it later!

Thanks for all your help guys. I cant wait to start software twaeking my amp. haha. Who knows… I might even buy a real one someday!

Play less.

Play less?

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here mate.

What do you mean?

Once you have craft established to your liking, then play less notes. Less busy. Understate.

I’ve been playing for 6-7 years now,

My advice is to buy a metronome and use it every time you play. Also, don’t attempt to play something up to speed if your playing is sloppy. Slow it down; with accuracy comes speed. Bring the BPM on your metronome up in increments.

and also buy your guitar locally. Don’t buy it online.

I’m personally a huge fan of Guitar Rig 2 and Izotope Trash… and Freeamp is the best free guitar effects VST I’ve used

… Might I add however, that nothing beats a real distortion pedal. I just got a Digitech Grunge for $60 and it kicks more ass than I could have ever imagined. It’s even got built-in amp modeling so you can plug straight into your mixing board or computer ;)

yeah i think so with 1.8+. I’m still using 1.5.2 so what I do is record a string of effected guitars into a wav, then sample offset to the interesting parts in renoise. :wacko: not the best thing to do if you can send you line ins to dsp chains within renoise now ;ol
my bad