Guten Tag

Just my first song I made. Trying out things etc. Tell me what I can do better, tell me I suck, whatever. Will change my Avatar asap, I know it’s copyrighted stuff. Don’t worry, I did not make an account to advertise myself, but much rather to learn and become better at doing things.

€: Remastered a lot in order to make it sound nicer and less harsh at about 1:30 and made some transitions nicer. Enjoy!

take out the s from https

if someone can explain why I`d love to know…

Not what I`d call breakcore but its alright! breakcore needs DiStOrTioN!!!

Like this.

Sounds all right. I like the bassy hit. The sound coming at 1:30 is a bit loud. Way better than my first track!

Yeah, just noticed that. Didn’t master it properly, will edit the op later and upload a remastered version.

€: Done!