H3k - Not Suitable For Mothers-in-law

Basically made with renoise, played the track, looped at the end (altered by clicking and declicking trakcs) and played on by two crazy dutch guys with a nord electro, juno 106, electribe EA1 and ER1.



nobody with feedback?

nice spacey one…freezing the time…feeling like hot summer sunday at cottage, sitting on near by lake, smoking ciggy and just staring on beautiful landscape…or something like that… like it alot, reminds me finnish group called koneveljet (brotherhood of machinery)…

although there mayby could be more layers some atmospherics sounds some natural backgroud noise and stuff like that…but

ten points + thumbs up

trip harder, domegapeace //rob

edit: nice setup for super-fuzzy-sunday:

-get peaceful place
-make some tea
-let it flow with dsil or koneveljet


Das Link ist kaputt!

e: Nu det fungerar bra. I have just sneezed my brains out, that’s all. Delirium…

please copy and paste the whole link (thats from “http” till “.mp3” and paste into browser!

Never had such positive feedback:

Thanks Rob. We should come together and drink some tea on a peacefull place while making some soundscapes/atmospheres!

I will be posting more from our studio soon!

Oh… dang… It just went on and on, I forgot it was on! Put it on loop and just let it flow, cos it’s neatly relaxing…

yep :)