H8 Tracker 2.0

Hi peepz,

I was just surfing the net when I saw these pictures on this website

  • images removed - see cctmusic page *

If you look at the features it can be very interesting:

-fast gui based on loveGUI2 and DirectDraw
-modular sound architecture
-ASIO & DirectSound support
-VSTi support
-high quality 32bit sampler (wav, mp3, sf2 compatible)
-built-in sample editor
-dynamic envelope controlled connections and plugin parameters
-*.mid export/import

Here a log of what’s already done:


  • multipattern song arranger is almost ready.


  • instrument editor is ready.


  • VST editor is ready.


Whats already done:

  • ASIO & DirectSound drivers
  • VST & VSTi host
  • Machine connection editor
  • Disk Menu (90%)
  • pattern editor with unlimited tracks
  • pattern player (256 ticks per note for humanize effects :) )
  • wav & mp3 loader
  • sampler with:
    128 layers per instrument each have its own:
  • volume, filter, pitch envelope
  • 2 LFOs
  • lp, hp, bp, br filter envelope and lfo controlled
  • instrument parameter editor
  • cpu usage viewer ;)

I tried H8 tracker 1.0 myself (which was totally crap 2 or 3 years ago), but 2.0 seems promissing.

But still, we have to wait till April when a first beta version is comming out.

Looks crappy for me…

i have removed the direct image links. please do NOT link to images from other sites directly. the site-admins get really mad about such crosslinking.

doesn’t turn me on from the looks of it or the feature list.
and H8 tracker v1 indeed was a lot of crap.

Looks like something from Commodore 64.


EDIT: After a closer look, it looks more like a crossover of FastTracker and E-Jay.

I’d really love to see some arranger like that in Renoise… At least as an alternative!

I do think that an pattern arranger like that is abit better than the one in Renoise but its also a quite stupid way to make an arranger if the pattern editor is like the one in Renoise/FT2 and can contain many instruments.

If the pattern editor is like the one in Buzz which can only have one instrument its a logical type of arranger.

But it seam like it is that kind of pattern editor that FT2/Renoise has…

Then is a much better way of making an arranger for a ft2/Renoise kind of tracker.

Its based on selecting which tracks to play and when instead of selecting whole patterns and when.

Lets say you have a part in which you want to build up your tune and add one instrument at a time.

First you want to have hihat, then drums, then bass and then melody. Then you want to keep playing only the hihat with the melody, and then everything at the same time.

Now with an arranger based on selecting tracks from patterns instead of whole patterns.

You could just make one pattern which contains all the hihat, the drums, the bass and the melody.
And in the arranger you select which tracks to play and when.
This is good because this lets you first hear in the single pattern how they can sound when played together. And then in the arranger lets you arrange them and combine them in any way.

But with a pattern based arranger you would have to make one pattern for the hihats, one pattern for the drums, one pattern for the bass and one for the melody.
This way you cant hear what they sound like together when you make the pattern and you have to make more patterns to accomplish the same thing in the arranger.

Anyway thats why in the future I would rather like a track based arranger in Renoise.

By the look of the interface it seams it cannot even be compared to Renoise but the features looks very promising.
It looks like it has some of the thing which one is missing in Renoise.
But then again, what features is it lacking that Renoise has?

Then its all about how the program is to use, what shortcut functions it has, how to edit things etc.
And here Renoise is among the best.

Aero tracker is a good example of promising features that cannot be used yet, because of the lack of functions.

About the arranger in Renoise, Renoise does not have to limit itself to only one type of arranger, you could have many types of arrangers in one program, they would not have to be compatible. You could make one song when you play one it in one of the arrangers and another song when you make it in another of the arrangers.

Arranger? :)

well i H8ed it too…


I’ve found out H8 Tracker is known now as Audiolabz and IMHO it should be a very new quality in music production. However we must still wait a while.