Had Enough With Ewx..

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh :)

After 4 years and an half, I’m going to change my soundcard:
I had the 34987938739867298749623876th blue screen when using DirectAudio on XP with Terratec EWX24/96, so I decided to buy a M-Audio Audiophile 24/96, which is going to be into my PC in some days.

The Terratec card really does not work well in XP anymore :(

It was a good soundcard, but now years have passed.

Just wanted to write a R.I.P. thread to it :)

My card works fine.

M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96? That’s the card I’m planning to buy aswell :).

The Delta range is really great. Best drivers I’ve used except maybe the Hammerfall at my uni. Grab hem while you can. It’s going cheap as chips now, thanks to the introduction of the Audiophile 192… Of course, you could also save up for that…

why no EMU 1212M? i used to have an audiophile24/96, but am glad i made the change.

anybody checked terratec DMX 6fire ?
was thinking about buying.



Strange, I use the Terratec EWX24/96 too, but I think it’s a great card and thankfully haven’t had troubles with it.

I have had soundcards that made me want to weep and shout obscenities at the same time, so I know the feeling. You might want to ritually burn it in the back yard. Helps with the mourning process… ;)

I still have an old computer with a Gravis Ultrasound in it laying about. Now I really hated having to ditch that card. :D

I wish I had a machine with GUS too, I could run IT all day long, and when done with it could load song up in renoise and finish it.

I have one, but my card is probably broken.

It works with Directsound or it works with ASIO, I can switch from DirectSound to ASIO, but i can’t switch live back from ASIO to Directsound. I need to alter the Renoise XML config file so that it will load my Directsound drivers upon the next restart but i first need to restart windows XP to make that work.
I tried the latest drivers and i contacted Terratec about it, they claim the drivers should work and purposed me to test it with Kontakt and Cubase, but they all respond the same:ASIO drivers are not being released and my DirectSound drivers cannot attach to the card in that matter (so there is no audio)

The only reason why i did not yet trade it is because i don’t have another machine to test the card in.
My current PC came new in a box with a broken onboard NIC and some other strange hardware faults on the graphics card. The reseller solved the broken NIC issue by supplying me a loose internal NIC and swapping the graphics card, but probably the mainboard may have had some fire somewhere.
(couldn’t get the reseller that far to swap the mainboard too unfortunately)

I have a Gravis Ultrasound Max with 512KB RAM somewhere… i believe i put it in a box for my mother that contained a nintendo 16 emulator.
It is the only function it currently has :D (A Nintendo 16 game-‘PC’)

after some days of tests, I can say I’m happy with my new souncard :lol:

stable drivers, low latencies… and finally I’m able to use ASIO in ReNoise and DSound on other applications!

With EWX I always had to reboot ReNoise when, for example, an Internet site with sound was opened while ReNoise was using ASIO, and most of times I also had to log in again to free the freezed DSound driver…

Those days are gone!! :w00t: :walkman:

The Dsound driver was not freezed, the ASIO driver did not unload.

But that seems to be the problem with a lot of Terratec cards.

I wish more people could confirm this problem.

this does not explain why I could not use DSound while using ASIO in ReNoise with the EWX, while I can do this with no problems with M-Audio.

Oh well, this is [fixed] for me anyway ;)

The terratec card’s architecture is probably not designed to be controlled by two drivers at the same time.
If you only have one controller chip or cpu, this is pretty logical, but then again it’s still messy that when i tell my Terratec card that the ASIO driver can be unloaded (Or Renoise attempts this for me upon closure) that the soundcard says:“Sorry no can do, you’ll have to reboot and i will auto-load Dsound for you in that situation”

I agree. Mine works perfect…