Hajas Is Still Alive... :P

Hello my friends! :P

nice that Renoise still growing and getting better and better on each release! :D

I’m away for so long because I’m was working hard in my mod to COD4 (which song theme was made in Renoise of course) and also get married, and we are planning a kid for next year so means I’ll lost my room/studio… well, I’m already working on get a new space to comeback to music and my beloved renoise. :P

to who like Call of Duty 4, here the promo video of my work with a new mix of the theme song

the full Frontlines Theme song you can download HERE

you also can download free my last “released” work HERE

I hope to renew my license and back to work with music until the end of this year. ;)

hope everyone is fine and doing lot’s of renoise tracks outhere! :D

Congratulations with everything!
The mod looks promising, the tune is great and my best wishes to you and your partner!!!

I would have tried it out (the mod), but I I’m on my way to quit gaming (well except starcraft 2) and trying to devote all my free time to music :yeah: , so…

It looks like it took a lot of work. Did you do it alone?

OMG! really sorry for the late reply, but I’m really AWAY from everything for some time… my baby born in September, now I’m father of a boy! :P

So, lot’s of work but also lot’s of fun! :D

About your question, yes I did all alone… with the exception of Parachute model that I friend did for me.

You can find copies of my work at MW2, Black Ops, MW3, BF3 and few friends told me that have also is Black Ops 2, which I don’t had time to see it with my eyes. :confused:

Sadly that they even care to give me any credit, simply copy/paste and that’s it “they” create a new gametype… :(

check all my work with games at www.mods.hajas.org

I’ll be away for games and music for some more months, but I’m very very happy and proud of my kid. :D


Well congratulations, but which september are we speaking of… last september or previous year september?

He’ll let you know in a year and a half. :lol:/>

heheheh… when I started this thread was a different moment, after that my wife detected a problem and she will not be able to wait much to have a baby or simply will never have, so was a fast decision… we need to have a baby fast, but also adapt our apartment to our new upcoming life…

of course I lost my room/studio to my kid, and we need to do a very big reform in my apartment to reorganize everything since we only had 2 rooms… :\

he was born in September of 2012, but I’m without my room for over a year because the reform… but in the end worth it a lot! :D

you can check the pics of the reform of my new studio at http://www.facebook.com/Hajas.Music

sold all my keyboards just keeping one for space reasons, and still lots of work in the rest of the apartment… which is a slow process since I’m doing almost alone, and can’t do much taking care of a baby… noise, dirty, etc… you can imagine.

So I’m away from music and games for some time now, and will be for more some months… but I’m really happy and proud to be a father. music and games can wait.

yeah, a kid changes a lot in life. I’m sure you both create good mixes after ten years.