Half A Breaks-track

So I finally spent a few hours yesterday and today on that “danny breaks” cutup I wanted to do forever. I would like some feedback especially on the mixing because quite a few people here have way better equipment than me … it shakes my room, but does it shake yours ?

Danny Breaks - Jellyfish (Loozas Global Warming Cutup preview)

PS:As usual, boring 1-minute-dj-intro. Sorry.

definetly shaking my room
the drums flow very good, i was bouncing around the apartment even though my morning coffee is not done yet (and yes i went from bed to computer to check this forum, just recently got the renoise addiction!)

keep it up is all i can say :drummer:

this is actually the first time I used voxengos sample delay plugin to make the tracks tight, some of the fx-chains really broke the flow up. so I am glad it worked out. and alot of sidechaining in here to keep the original bassline in the first part and leave room for the basedrum.

oi looza, cool track! nice delay-shuffling on breaks and bassline. EQing seems alright to me aswell. thumbs up

So you figure sample delay was really making an impact on the tightness of your sound? … I’ve pondered whether it really matters quite a few times now… but if others are finding that using such a delay plug helps get things tighter, than I might just look into it. Love that bass btw :P

kenny : that shuffling is partly a 20% groove and the fact that the original from danny breaks is a seriously swinging instrumental-hiphop-track. and there are alot of small “nearly-below-audible-level” hihats playing, those tend to add alot to the groove.

byte smasher : it really did for this track because there are so much “snappy” sounds. bass+drums essentially go trough the same (long) fx chain leading to a total delay of 2048 samples. There is a small hihatloop playing in the background which did not get processed at all except for a little hipass filter. the plugin delay moved that hihat-line so awkwardly much forward that it sounded completely out of place, with the sample delay it works as it should. but a tip : before you start getting into that plugin first make sure that your drums itself are snappy, I have so much drumsamples with varying amounts of silence infront it’s amazing. Sometimes this is nice and adds a cool microgroove, but especially for base and snare this is often unwanted, you want it to “kick” on the spot and not a few ms afterwards. Also I spent alot of times timing the layered snares and claps (I think the mainsnare is like 4 different samples), for the same reason.

Yep… I always pre-chop my hits ;) … so how do you find out the sample delay? or is it just trial and error?

trail and error within reasonable ranges. what I did was playing a very short click on the track that I knew had the longest fx-chain (bass+drums going to a sendchannel with energyXT and a massive setup of plugs for that sidechain-thing) and a click on every other track (one by one). you can hear them flam, so you add the voxengo sample delay and start adding delay in 128-steps (buffersizes come in multiples of 128). you just drag the “100” slider from 1 to 2 to 5, then you can play with the “1000” slider and you will hear if the clicks are nearly together, if they are nearly together at f.e. a 5 at the “100” slider you enter a delay of 512, that’s it.

but as I said, this is the first track that this problem really pissed me off and I had to do something about it.

Well it sounds great! :D

:panic: :panic: :panic:

This one got me dancing on my chair like an idiot. No mixing tips as I’m using headphones and this is way above the levels at which I could still offer any useful advice.

I lurb lurb lurb your stuff - when it ends, I so wish it would set it in again with some really mean deep distorted bass, and some harmonies of that chippy bleepy thing, I mean, something that enhances that… just MOER of it!! Make it 20 minutes long or something, constantly building up haha. Then again, don’t, but know that I heart it that much :D

Glad to see they couldn’t steal your funk, keep your chin up!

scratches non-existant beard, nods head

thanks johann :) and this is just a half (or a third) of that track, there is a B-Part in the original too and I still have my own ideas. There will atleast be another huge break, but probably two or even three. I recently did a remix for the track DHG did for the evoke-ogg-compo, I just tracked away, arranged as I felt was right … and ended up with a 9 minute track (okay, again 2 minutes DJ intro and outro, but anyway). I love long tracks. :D (btw, this one is here : http://www.myspace.com/loozaremix, you need to scroll down to the fifth song to listen to it (and the quality of the myspace musicplayer sucks).

but first I need to optimize, my CPU is peaking at 92% all the time with this thing… And I don’t even know why.

I can hardly wait… even this preview made my day :blink:

alas alas my speakers miss the hummm, which means half the track…
my judgement on the lack of bass is therefore not to be trusted

but it really gets me going when the lead steps in, I love the groove and
the track’s attractive sound! there’s still plenty of room for legio directions, looking forward to hearing where you’re going to take this!