Halfway Done Collab

Thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. Beatslaughter: this is the beat I was withholding from you, and some extra tune progression. I will send you RNS when I incorporate your beat propperly.
Everyone else: the bare bones of a collab track. and I have a question for you. about the beat. Yes the mastering needs alot of polishing. yes, the beat is pretty messy and perhaps a little too busy, and some bits dont quite fit…Just ignore all that for a bit, because all these i can fix, but it will take work (unorthodox beat creation technique, read: fiddly), and I want to know before doing that work, is this beat too hard for this tune? I’m in the honeymoon stage with it still, everything fits at the right BPM :D


EDIT: oh yeah the kid’s not mine, just dedicated to a good friend :)

I like that beat but mixing sounds terrible like you said. :P

I’m really curious, how you’ll mix my drums with yours, they are really different sounding.

This kind if stuff is my cup of tea!

About the mix…blah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Main melody is too loud, beat is too low in the mix, etc. etc.

Otherwise, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty dope track! Let us know when you guys finish…or if you need a third to collaborate with. :smiley:

Fantastic so far. Cannot wait to hear the finished product!

I really like the percussion and the choice of synths.

Sounds awesome so far. I love that drumtrack! ^_^

Edit: Read your post this time… NO! I don’t think the beat is too busy. It’s just busy enough imo. :w00t: I’m a bit sceptic to the first beat wich I realize goes on together with the breakbeat but I don’t think it really works that well on it’s own. I also like how the bass messes a little with your head in the beginning when you suddenly loose the beat and youre not sure in wich direction its gonna go (atleast I do :)) Also I don’t think you should polish it too much. I mean I do think it needs some mixing but it has a nice “live feel” to it now that’s quite different to most other renoise releases wich imo tends to be a little to bleepy and electronic some times.

Anyway, keep up the nice work!

twas a good idea posting it here it seems, I can also answer two questions with the same information :)

beatslaughter: I layed out the intro bit with your beat in mind. I may or may not leave this bit in as I add your beat in.

Phonkey: that intro beat goes with something you havent heard yet (see above) EDIT: ok I fully read yours now, hehe, technically that beat is sorta “live”. thats what I mean about an unorthodox creation technique.

thanks for the nice comments :w00t:

For those interested, I uploaded a slightly updated version (same link as before, hope thats not too confusing, but fresh downloaders need’nt hear the first one as this is just longer…) which has a different lead introduced and ends on slightly less of a cliff-hanger, or maybe its more so because the extra variation causes its to build more…I dunno…
its having some bassline issues, but most of the other stuff is mostly done. I’ll do all that at the end though, now to add the extra beat… (by the way, thanks heaps for that beatslaughter) :drummer: