Hand-drawn Waves

I always found the absolute best way to eliminate stabs and pops and such is by manually hacking at the wave. I never did any tracking in FT2, but I kept it around just for this feature.

Is it in 1.281? I’ve searched, :unsure: but that means little.
Also, is it in or planned to be in 1.5~?

Not a huge deal, I’m not particularly used to my tracker being my sample editor, but it seemed like a neat prospect.

yep, i miss this alot from ft2. it was so easy to eliminate clicks and pops and make some gapper and silence places without trackin anything on pattern…and via this style you got lil bit groove signature on your tracks.

and i think this is very easy make in renoise?

It seems like it would easy to implement. The reason I spent so long looking for it, is there were so many places/methods it would fit and work perfectly.

Not to mention that when it comes to synthesis, it doesn’t get much more low-level than that.

ive been looking for a way to do this i had no idea ft2 did that
im gonna have to get it just so i can :)


I agree that hand-drawing in the sample editor is a ‘must have’ feature, too bad it’s not there already.

I also miss the ability to create a sample from scratch wich would be superb for ‘chip sounds’.

Say, create an empty buffer(0-256 bytes or so), draw the waveform and the use the filters etc. to sculpt the sound.

A simple waveform generator would also be nice(for basic waves, sin, saw, tri, square and noise).

Let’s hope that the developers notice this little topic in the forums and implement this feature.

Exactly my needs. I’m happy to see another chiptune maker around here. Greetings, samu. :)

I talked to pulsar 'bout that before and he’ll think about the waveform generator.

I use CSound to create chip sounds.

It is certainly not the simplest way to do it, but I think it is the most complete