Hands On Iii

Hands On III

I just released my 3rd collection in the Hands On series for you to grab! :D
Flac for mp3 @320kbps, you choose!’

Link: http://web.comhem.se/~u41703864/



X01. Hands On Jochen Hippel Thalion Intro Tune 03:32
X02. Hands On Tip & Mantronix Act Of Impulse (2012 Re-Edit) 04:33
X03. Hands On Cirdan Descent Into Matter 03:47
X04. Hands On Jochen Hippel Enchanted Land (Highscore) 03:07
X05. Hands On Tip & Mantronix Kool 03:41
X06. Hands On Baboon Plains Of Athiala 02:22
X07. Hands On Jochen Hippel Wings Of Death (Level Two) 03:35
X08. Hands On Toodeloo Wings Of Life 04:33
X09. Hands On Zeta Lift Me Up 04:06
X10. Hands On III Mad Freak 3D Demo Tune (2012 Re-Edit) 03:22
X11. Hands On Jochen Hippel Prehistoric Tale (Intro) 06:16
X12. Hands On Ben Daglish 3D-Galax 04:37
X13. Hands On Paul Van Der Valk Hybris 03:12
X14. Hands On Blazer Masqrade 03:50
X15. Hands On Tip & Mantronix Overload (Short Version) 06:15
X16. Hands On Jochen Hippel 7 Gates Of Jambala (Ingame 10 v2) 03:51
X17. Hands On Cirdan Stormlord 07:00
X18. Hands On Bkh & Nhp Oz 04:47
X19. Hands On Gladiator So What 03:16
X20. Hands On Jochen Hippel Amberstar (Tune Zero Four) 03:10

Bonus tracks:

X21. Hands On Karsten Obarski Telephone 02:50
X22. Hands On Karsten Obarski Crystal Hammer (Walking In My Crystal Empire Remix) 05:16
X23. Hands On Jochen Hippel Modu Attack (CoS) 04:53

Best regards