Hang when changing Audio Device while being rewire master for ableton

Hey guys,

unfortunately I had 2 hangs in the last days both related to opening my computer after sleep mode while renoise (master) was rewired to ableton (slave).

Edit: easier repro steps:

When changing audio device from ASIO to direct sound, while Renoise (master) rewired to Ableton (slave), renoise hangs (white screen/doesn’t react) forever.

I’m on Windows 8.1 with renoise 3.0.0 and ableton suite 9.1.5, both 64 bit.

This happens with totally fresh projects, nothing loaded.

When I try the same with renoise not rewired to anything, everything works fine, renoise just switches to the built-in device.

If you need more info, Ill be happy to help with this one.

This is an issue each time I go to sleep mode with the laptop and detach the interface. On waking up from sleep mode, both apps hang.