Happy B-day!

Happy birthday Taktik!

Best wishes from entire Renoise team!

  • gwilym :)

Congrats to our hero :D :lol:

:wub: :mellow: :) :P

hippy barthday… i’ll drink a beer on you tonite :)

What best chance to express my/our feeling for such a smartass being coding the best music tracker of the whole world just for me to enjoy it?
What best than a b-day? :lol:

Happy B, Taktik! :)

maybe we could all work together and do a massive THANKYOU song (in renoise of course)

it would be difficult (“it’s my turn to work on the song” “NO IT IS MINE” “yer both crazy”), but it’s at least vaguely feasible :P

or it isnt

Happy birthday


thanks a lot dudes ! I will also drink a beer on you all tonight :)

happy b-day!

i’ll have a beer as well. not coz its your b-day - just to get drunk :)

yeh, drink some coca-cola instead beer and back to coding! :D

happy birthday! (getting older, yeh? :) )