Happy Birthday It-alien!

Hey, Not Human Member!

Best wishes!!!

:w00t: :dribble: :walkman: :panic: :eek: :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :ph34r: :blink: :unsure: B) :D :lol:

Happy Birthday mate, have a good one!

Another year of experience to your tabloids…

Congrats also from here!

:drummer: :guitar:

Auguri bello…

Happy birthday It!

yeh happy birthday ! :D


Wrote him a mail yesterday but he is still not available (maybe too much celebrating?!?)

Best wishes from me.


Rock on, go pink!

Before you assume I left this planet, I clarify:
I was out with my girlfriend for some days because she had to take part to a geomatic engineering conference in Rome.

Now I think you want nude pictures of her :)

well, get off :P

I’m back, anyway. Back on tracking, of course.
So let me thank you all for greetings and for the fun and interesting you all write here :drummer:



next birthday we get the full scale nude one? :)

Like I said, go pink :P

i sacrificed a black chicken in observance of your birthday… :yeah: