Happy Birthday, Johan!

I’d make you a happy birthday-tune too, but I’m drop dead tired… hehe B)

Enjoy the day!

He`s away in India at the moment, he posted this thread before he went:


Sounds like it will be a great birthday in the sun for him as long as he has hopefully avoided the dreaded Delhi belly.

Gives you time though sagosen to do that tune for him now B) :D

Hum, I’m slow… I even SAW that post! :P

Wohooo!! A very late thanks to you sagosen! :)

Btw… I’m back :yeah:

Had a great time in the Himalayas, the desert, Goa and some other places! Can really recommend everyone to go to India!.. it’s a very special place with lots of contrasts.

Here’s the pics… :)

Me on a camel

Beautiful scenery in the Himalayas

nice car*!

edit: camel