Happy Introvert Dreday Meets Chiptune Or Something


Finished this track today, and uploaded it here, press play for stream to start:


Am working on a lead-less, less cheesy version as well. Hope to get some vocals on 'em.



(By the way, tried to upload this to my soundcloud page, but somehow their upload service seems to keep fucking up. This, or they changed their policy and they’re not allowing you to stream 320 kbps versions on free accounts anymore? It did upload and draw a waveform eventually, but sounded crunched to a 128 kbps version with the bass all funny).

That is really extensive, intricate, and beautiful. I found it very relaxing. Felt almost like a new age, meditative track. I liked a lot of the panning, and the warmth of the bass.

Can’t wait for vocals, I have no idea what’s on your mind for them. Should be interesting to hear.


Nice words man cheers, I like parts myself too, hence why I posted it hehe :) . Just the simple melodic lead lines get tiring quickly imo. About the vocals, aren’t sure yet exactly. I bounce the track over to my mate who will try something, than bounces it back etc till something comes out of it. Maybe nothing, we’ll see.

yeah… made me turn the volume up… grooves

perhaps the melody sound is a bit cheese compared to the rest ? personally would replace it with a more drifty pad like stabby sound … (does that make sense? lol) anyway… smooth.

fun listen! (=

It’s a lovely song, not as cheesy as I was prepared for, oh and the piano is really nice.
I hope you get to slap vocals on it, that would be interesting.

Signal Follower FTW eh? :)

Thnx guys!

Yeps :)

good work jonas :)