Happy New Year - Trotch $10 Sale

It’s 2006 and to celebrate I want to move albums out of my closet into your CD player. Check the reviews for Zark Behida - Isis and Basement Wigger - A Celebration Of The Concept Of The People’s Republic Of North Korea (my album, made with Renoise). Both winners worth owning and showing off as obscure commodities that your friends will question your sanity for having …

The deal !!!

Wherever you live in the world send me $10.00 Canadian and i’ll send you an album. PayPal automatically does the conversion for you. How do I make money off of this? I probably won’t. Happy f****ing new year don’t ever change.

  • Click here to go to the TROTCH order page.
  • Click on the PayPal button.
  • Type in 10.00 for the Amount. (20.00 if you are ordering both albums …)
  • Depending on your situation, chose either Secure Checkout or Log In.
  • Fill in the info. PayPal will ask what CD you want so relax and follow though.

That’s it.

It’s private, confidential, one on one and discreet! Seriously though, if you have a credit card and five minutes this would really be appreciated by me personally. It probably took you longer to read this than it would to complete the transaction. After it’s over a CD gets delivered to you by a mailman and you rule. Order them for your friends and come off looking like a big spender.

Offer expires ten minutes after reading this sentence or January 31st, 2006.

Thank you for your support. Write me if you have any questions.