Happy New Year =)

welcome to '07 fellow renoisers

I am officially off my trolley =)

happy newyear, im starting now! wish me luck.

See our front page :)

happy new year !!!

5 hours to 2007 here in DC.

Happy new year guys!

Happy New Year to everyone!

cool fireworks on the front page!

in case you didnt get fireworks in your home town, heres the tv broadcast of the Sydney fireworks - apparently the biggest & most expensive display ever…this is where my tax dollars go. Enjoy! :)


A good year to all of you!

I’m kinda late for the group hug, but I’d still like to wish everyone a groovy 2007!

i wish you all a successful and happy year 2007

I am proud to write with some of the greatest musicians in the world. Take care and happy hellow… ehm… new year.

hehe, the front page looks good, but did you see the London fireworks display?! That was frickin’ mental! (There’s plenty of clips on youtube)

Happy & prosperous new year to you all, I hope the devs have had a chance to put their feet up… well deserved!

happy new year yo!

Happy New Year!