Happy New Year

[center] 2011

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:[/center]

Happy new year to all. I wish you many, many new great productions made in Renoise ;)

I wish i can good sleep tonight and the fireworks stops fast as possible … ^_^

:panic: :lol: :w00t: :yeah: :panic: :guitar: :dribble: :drummer:

May the new year be our best year as it will be the last year in the history of earth before Armageddon sets in 2012!

It was a strange year, with many downs for me. There were also some nice things, like performing in Ukraine! I just hope 2011 will give me more of the good stuff :)

Happy new year!

I wish that 4 u as well!! :)

happy new year this year have been not so good for me,hope 2011 brings more good stuff to me and everyone else

Well happy new year to you all guys… it ain’t newyear here in Europe yet…

Happy new year!!! I’m looking forward to finishing my first renoise-track in a long time. That will be a great start for 2011.

Yes! good 2011 to all of you!!!
I will celebrate it in 4 hours. CHEERS!

Early report from 2011: Sunny, light breeze, top of 30 degrees celsius.


Conner, you got some nice baby-clone and lazer action going on there. Oh, and those hats just have to have secret powers!

ya know a dude is bad ass if he’s got his baseball cap on backwards… but a backwards cowboy hat??? really, i wouldn’t mess with that man.

i did that in 1991 and that year wasent good at all so dont…

just sitting here drinking the last beer from yesterdays festivitas,while i listen to some older unfinished tracks i did some time ago in renoise,deciding which ones i should complete

Whooo-ooo-ooo-ooop, happy new yearrrr :wacko:

Happy New Year! from nin.com

My body hurts.