Happy new year!

Best wishes to everyone! Much love to the Renoise team!

I hope 2012 was a great year for you, and I sincerely hope 2013 will be even better!

Have a good one :guitar:


Happy new year!!



where Apocalypse?


24/96 this new year.

happy new year.

I love you 2013.

You gonna party 24 hrs a day 96 days a week?

Hell, yeah! Rock and Roll, bro!!! :drummer:

Rumors are that the mayan calender was interpreted with bad math, the real doomsday might be in 52 years. So the downsid is: you have to live another 52 years. The upside is: you will be able to enjoy Renoise (IF you upgrade your license ;) for over five decades! Wow, what an outlook!

HNY everybody!

No no no, you got it all wrong (just like with the strange, hard to sort way people in the US express dates as MM/DD/YYYY). Read it as the equivalent of 7/24 and then you get the real fun: 24 days a week, 96 hours per day … which is roughly 4fold the original timeframe. 4 times the fun:)

Happy new year!

@VP did you make that image?

I wish everyone a happy new year :))

Strange street crowd quotes #11 - “…Dude, I swear for real. From now on, I’ll only have sex when I want so.” o.O

Well I was just talking about 24bit/96KHz resolution but I like your explanations better.