Hard To Find A Travelling Companion

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Wow! Funny and really scary.

Calm blue ocean…

Strange stuff!

a strange side effect of this thread:
as you may have seen, on that thread, someone has started linking other forums to show other threads by the same person, or other threads which link to the first one (call it forum A).

On one of that linking threads (call it forum B), one poster ironically says:
“Is there were [name_of_an_user] went, then?”, where [name_of_an_user] should be some highly polemical user of forum B.

well… I know that user: he is an italian man, with whom I had some discussions about religion on a literature forum (forum C), and he has been suspended from the forum B because of a never-ending discussion about God.

I subscribed to forum C because my former girlfriend invited me to join it.

The world is still small, even when you round it by riding a bike :)


Holy crap!

Thing is, he went psycho over what appeared to me as polite posts, but the REAL ranting and retroabusive posts didn’t come until he finally left the board!

The first page is all you need to read, the rest is nothing but



John Shaw…
The world Saviour Failure…