Harddisk recording

I thought about a feature where you on each track can choose between a normal track or a “harddisk-recording”-track where you can record in realtime and the recorded sample is shown instead of the usual tracking-infromation… if you understand what I mean…

audio recording is planned for future version.

please read other posts before repeating frequently asked questions :P

ok, sorry, I have acctualy read most new (the last 30 days) posts in this forum but I obviously missed that (or maybe missunderstood it). so I better do not open my mouth again then ;)

Why not have one thread for each (volumous) feature discussed, instead of the wishlist threads? This would be the Harddisk recording thread, etc.

What I’d like to see for this type of recording (as opposed to just recording in the sampler) is to have the waveform data be displayed vertically like twilek mentioned, with DSP added to signal in realtime (as an option), etc.

This is hands down the most needed feature IMO.

Yes I had those same exact thoughts for the realtime recording… and wouldn’t be nice to be able to see/edit envelopes on that realtime track also?

I think that this would be a very valuable feature although I was pretty impressed after seeing how easy it is to export each track into another sequencer. The quality is excellent.