Harde Shit (Hard Shit), Nl

okay, just for those who might be interested in this.

on saturday the 4th of June there’ll be a party in De Trucker, Pijnacker. i grew up in Pijnacker myself (a small town in between The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam) and De Trucker used to be my place to be during weekends. i don’t visit it very often any more since i moved to The Hague, but a friend of mine is throwing a party called ‘Harde Shit’ (translates as ‘Hard Shit’, but i suppose you got that already) and i will be playing a DJ set there for about an hour. this will not be my own music, but rather songs that i have cut up and mashed up and mangled or just made excerpts of so i can glue them together with a couple of samples using Soundplant - the lo-fi alternative to beatmatching, so to speak.

anyway, if you live nearby and feel like a party with some loud music (mainly breakcore and dnb and gabber and stuff i suppose, although i will be playing some different shit than most of the others i think - i like to throw Elvis and Take That and other such heroes in the mix), i figured you might be interested in dropping by.

doors open at 21.00, party is said to start at 23.00 (suppose 1st DJ will start then) and said to end at 05.00 (?) (De Trucker will be open for as long as the bartender feels like keeping the bar open - it’s a youth centre run by volunteers). Facebook page is here if you care (not much going on there but still some details): http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=148214045250482

i would appreciate it if anybody would come, and wouldn’t mind if nobody does as i will be having lots of fun on my own anyway with the DJ set i’m preparing right now. but i thought i’d at least share.

[b]edit/b]: don’t count on public transport taking you out of there after 01.00 or something. bring a bike or some money for a cab. a beer is EUR 1,50.

I’ll try to get a group of friends together, it’s been way to long since we’ve been out to some nice and fucked up music :ph34r:

that would be god-darn awesome if you could come. if you do, ask for Roald (my real name, hey!) and someone will know :)

too bad, i am not in the neigborhood around that time

Hehe, I had 4 friend together that were up for it. Then I heard my parents would be on vacation that weekend so I deceided to organize my own party over there (its a lot better than my own place)

(more of a joke than actual artists as you can see, but hey, more friends, more booze, more party… (wait wut))

hahaha, nice. too bad you won’t be coming, but i can fully understand you taking advantage of this opportunity.