Hardware: Korg Nanopad


i got myself a korg nanopad quite some time ago but didn’t manage to get it tested intensivly.
until now. :rolleyes:

here’s the question:

how can i midimap the touchpad to the XY-device? is this possible at all?
because it seems that i can’t assign each axis seperately… :angry:
any idea for some sort of macgyver-esque work-around?

But you already have XY device in nanopad itsels, why would you like to map it to XY device in Renoise? I don’t think it’s even possible, but someone will correct me if I’m wrong. I have korg padkontrol, and I use it that way: mapping two controls to pad and tweaking them to hell. Lots of fun. Great thing is you can map pad to hydra and have an instant morphing mayhem. Think I have just wet myself.

Get the Korg Editor and see which CCs are linked to the XY pad on the PadKontrol and set the same CCs also on two pads. Now open de MIDI map in Renoise and link these pads to the XY-Device in Renoise. You should be able to control the XY-Device with the XY pad on the Korg. You can change the CCs of the temporary pads afterwards to free them for other assignments.

Well, i wanted to use Renoise’s XY-Device to create some sort of template. Of course i could map, let’s say, X-axis to cutoff, Y-axis to resonance. That is, IF i could do this (which was my basic problem). My idea was that if i can assign the touchpad properly to the XY-Device, i can later choose what effect to control with. But of course, you’re right, i could also assign each axis directly to the desired parameter.

Awesome! I haven’t tried your solution yet, but it sounds very convincing to me. Will report back if it works (but i’m pretty sure it will). Thanks a million! :yeah:

D’OH! :wacko:
me <- stupid

It was even simpler than that. But thanks again for the hint: “Use the force editor, luke!” ;)

step 1:
Korg Editor -> assign X to CC00 (which is pitchbend by default); assign Y to CC01 (which already IS default)

step 2:
Midimap -> select parameter A (e.g. LFO speed of filter cutoff)-> touch the pad until it parameter is mapped to CC00
(this is the “tricky” part, because it switches between 00 and 01 with every touch)

step 3:
select parameter B (e.g. filter resonance)-> select option “Allow Note/CC to be mapped more than once” -> touch until parameter is mapped to CC01 -> unselect option mentioned above

step 4:
hit “save” -> et voilá: wobble bass madness galore! :D

Haha, that’s even simpler! I wasn’t sure Renoise would recognize the XY Pad’s input, hence my Macgyver-workaround. :)