Hardware Mixers


I’ve decided to purchase a mixer, but I find myself unable to decide which model to go for!

I’ve got some effect units, a drum synthesizer and a synth, with more stuff to come. What would be suitable for me? Do I go analogue or digital?

If any of you guys got hints, tips etc on which type/model to go for/steer clear, I’d appreciate it!

I have a Mackie 1402VLZ. It has 6 mono-channels with built-in pre-amps an 4 stereo channels, tape in and out, 2 effect inputs, solo & mute on all channels, control room outputs and much more. I have 6 synths and one microphone connected ro it. I’m very satisfied with it.
Mackie makes very good product in general but you also have to pay for it, they are not very cheap.
Another brand, Behringer, makes inexpensive imitations of more expecive brands. They use to make prety good stuff so if you are not so fastidious about the brand they are a very good alternative.
Another cheap brand is Phonic, I’ve only heard bad things about them though.

One thing you shall look for when you buy a mixer is that is has mute and solo on all channels and possibility to send every single channel separately to the contol room.

Thanks Twilek. I’ve actually had my eyes on those two brands, and it seems the pricetag doesn’t differ that much. I thought Mackie would cost more, but the price is totally acceptable. I’ve checked up on a few Mackie models, and user reviews are in unison, thumbs up.

Anyone else?

I use a Soundcraft Spirit M8 it is analog but has a digital out … works for me…

Thanks a bunch for the input guys.

We’ve had some rather negative experiences with behringer to,
it’s cheap noisy crap that will have a negative effect on your music.
Avoid those mixers…
We strongly recommend mackie…

I have a Mackie 1402 VLZ as well, and I could recommend it as well. It has a very, very good sound. There is also a model 1202 VLZ, which might be interesting, it is the same like the 1402 VLZ without faders but knobs instead.
Look for all details here: Mackie Series

If you want to buy it used (as I did, but it’s hard to find), note that there are three different series: 1402, 1402 VLZ, and 1402 VLZ Pro. 1402 is the oldest model in the product range, 1402 VLZ some years old, and the VLZ Pro the latest. I recommend not to buy the oldest model because it does not have the VLZ-Feature (Very low noize) and is really out of date.

To the Behringer-pults: A friend of mine has a bigger Behringer pult, and in comparison to the mackie it makes awful noises.

And 2 channels less ;)

Mackie it is then :)