Hardware Samplers Question...

Does anybody have any experience with using hardware samplers and effects commands from renoise (mainly 0900 for beat chopping)?.. I’m looking at getting an mpc 2500 but want to know if this possible… i’ve seen quite a few people using hardware samplers with renoise… I would greatly appreciate any response and answers.

Su 700 or mpc 2500 but I heard several moanings about mpc and timing issues.
Anyway - I beleive that the phase of hardwaresampler ends. There are so many mor felxible softwaresolutions out there or even soft and hardware like the emu emul8torX.

Michael Diamond (AKA Mike D) from Beastie Boys

EDIT: this is what you will do with your MPC :lol:

Yeah… but how good was the last album? It’s the only Beastie Boys album I didn’t buy. Seems to me they got a little carried away with how “easy” it was to create music with software based samplers because most of the beats on that album seems blurted out and it really makes me sad because the reason I listen to Beastie Boys has always been the for the music, not so much the lyrics. Hope they bring back Mario Caldato Jr for the next album… they’ve tried to do it alone but from what I can tell they need some guy to filter out the crap.

are you kiddin me? :) i liked the last album a lot :) A lot of good songs there… On previous albums there was like a few good songs per album only… at least thats my taste

Personally, I thought the last beastie boys album wasn’t that great- as a matter of fact I couldn’t get passed 4 songs before it went back into the cd case never to be played again… with all this super advanced sampling going on they didin’t take much advantage of it imo… not that i could make a better album- I’m still in love with cookie puss. Anyhow- I understand that there are better softsampling packages and all, but too many options hinders me with too while I’m making tracks- I just start scewing with stuff and end up deviating to a new track- it happens in the middle of everything I do. I hate it- I used to use an rm1x and two yamaha a5000’s, and I never had this problem before- I think it was because I had an aim and once I got their, I had done too much work to start screwing around with other stuff- timing always seems to be an issue with hardware being sequenced by software, I’m kinda passed it. I just really want to know if it is possible to send effects command via midi- I’ve gotten really lazy interms of manually chopping, it’s so much faster with offset commands…

Well, if you already have an A5000 you should be able to do that “chopping”. There is a midi-cc command with which you could declare on which position to play the current sample. (Well, I did it with my A3000V2, the A5000 should have that feature as well).
Or you could split the sample into say 16 parts to a bank and adress the single parts how you want.

no- I don’t have an a5000 anymore, beat munging was dope on that sampler.