Hardwhite - Bitter (Haze Wrapped By Polygon Ring)

Just did a remix for HardWhite’s song Bitter, based on an acapella I came upon while randomly surfing SoundCloud. Quite liked the guys’ flow and delivery, so I fired up Renoise, did my thing, and here’s the result. Enjoy! ;)


Just in case it wasn’t obvious by the sole act of posting a track in a song forum, any kind of feedback and constructive criticism are welcome and dearly appreciated. ;)

Lush, emotionless, vain, cool.

If that’s what you set out for, you won the game.

Cheers. :)

You know, I might actually have, although not consciously at first. With lyrics like that this seems like the natural direction. Definitely not world class poetry from those guys, but not being a native English speaker made me notice the rhythm and pacing of the words first rather than what they meant, but of course I noticed that too after a while. :)

And indeed, I rejected a few ideas that would’ve made it more emotional (although that would be a strong word).

like it… didn’t expect to like it… but i like it :walkman: