Harmel_ - /lavague-mix4

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Man sorry no one commented on your track yet. I’m trying to find all the ones from the past few weeks that didn’t get any comments yet.

Nice acid techno vibe on this one. Interesting swelling sounds that start coming in. They almost feel at a faster tempo than the beat, while never getting ahead of it. Kind of disorienting, but not necessarily a bad thing. About halfway through the whole song seems really mesmerizing, like it is putting me in a trance. I like it when songs do this :slight_smile:

However I will say the mix is really muddy here… With this many sounds playing at the same time, it is important to use filters/EQ to shape your sounds so that they are not all colliding in the same frequencies. The past few years, I usually put high pass and low pass filters on every single track and filter out any unnecessary frequencies. Not that I’m the expert in mixing, but it seems to have helped. Could at least be a starting point.

Anyway, I think it’s solid track, if for nothing else than the trance-inducing qualities. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work man.