Hartmann Neuron Vs, Once More

I would have continued the old thread, but it was locked.

Now I’m back, and tried the following: installed new DirectX 9.19 (because Winamp complained about damaged DirectSound drivers), then tried Neuron with Renoise 1.8 and the Nuke plugged in, did not work. Then I tried the VSTHost which taktik recommendet me to try, and it did work (with and without Nuke)! Then I intalled Renoise 1.9b6, where the Neuron also worked (without Nuke). Then it also worked in Renoise 1.8 without Nuke. With Nuke, it crashed again, and then it never worked again in 1.8, neither with nor without Nuke. However, in 1.9b6 it worked again, and also, once more, in VSTHost. Strange, isn’t it? How long will it work in 1.9b6? In principle, it should be possible to get it running steadily, right?

Yes, indeed strange. And I really dont know what we could do to solve this, at least not without the help of the plug developers. The plug is obviously totally buggy. Sorry if thats a bit harsh, but I see no reason to get something “fixed” here.

Have you bought Neuron? Aka, is this really that important?

Yes, I’ve bought it a few weeks ago from ebay (that’s why I have the Nuke). The seller told me it worked fine in Cubase.

Seemingly, there are environments which the plug likes, and some which it doesn’t like. Let’s hope it keeps on working in Renoise 1.9.


The Hartmann neuron is a plug that was first released with loads of bugs. Sadly the company died before they could provide any updates fixing them in the vst version.

Imho it has the best sound in any vst ever.

I’ve used it with Cubase too and it really crashes randomly there also… Depending on the preset and for whatever reason so it had to be used mainly either in freezed mode or so that the tracks were rendered to audio.

Hmm what do you mean with “freezed mode”? Some feature I still don’t know?

I meant by “freezed mode” that I had to freeze the tracks that played the Neuron. Freezing means that the sequencer - that is able to do this - will render the plug-in as audio and stop calculating it and therefor it can be played back but the synth cannot be edited at all. The difference between rendering audio track and freezing is that you can “unfreeze” a freezed track in cubase and continue making changes to the plug-in -and then freeze the plug-in again. So it is sort of like switched off between the editing but you can still hear the sound.

That was the only way to stop Neuron crashing all the time.

freezing is basically a sophisticated way of rendering, you sample the output of a plugin and switch it off (which means it can’t crash (and does not use CPU)), when you unfreeze it you basically trash the rendering and switch the plugin on until you freeze it again. If you didn’t know.

yeah that was better put than my explanation :):slight_smile: