Has anyone achieved text feedback?

The idea of controlling Renoise with something like my Maschine controller, with full text feedback for parameters and values, and even better, sample browsing is basically the holy grail for me.
So I’m wondering what the chances of this ever becoming a reality?
Has anyone achieved proper integration with an external display yet? Is it even possible with current APIs?

There has only been taken a few baby steps into this territory, see for instance how this TouchOSC iPad template is having a lot of textual feedback.

The same approach can of course be used for something like the Machine, Push etc.
In order to support these controllers, Duplex would need to know something about the hardware display : how you send a value to it, how many characters it can display, etc.
Then we could come up with a solution that would send a string, specially formatted for the target hardware.

Unfortunately, apart from the iPad I’ve got no such controller - but any help (testing, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, it’s possible to do with the APIs if the controller speaks standard MIDI SysEx / OSC. What you need is the interface specifications.

I essentially reprogrammed the padKONTROL in real time via sysex to control all leds and the LCD display with the pKing tool.

If you wanted to use the Push or Maschine controller with Renoise it’s perfectly possible to do so, but you’d need to create a tool to handle the syncronisation / updates to the device. A good starting point would be the Live 9 scripts here.

You should be able to open the same midi device that duplex uses from a lua script. Then filter the midi messages and send sysex data back to the Maschine to change the LCD. Thats how i do it with my midibox_ng, showing track names and parameters on the LCDs, while running a duplex config at the same time. Obviously, not integrated into duplex and somewhat hacky, but works for me. As far as i can see there is no Sysex specification for the Maschine, so it’s gonna get very-hackish anyway. (http://www.voidrunner.com/2011/07/midi-remote-script-design-challenges.html …)

veeery interesting.

but yr right re.dread, it looks like Maschine is a closed box, no OSC or Sysex support. i might have to look elsewhere.

pKing is really impressive but i think i would get a little lost with only the padkontrol display for visual feedback.

i will have to look into touch OSC though, thanks!

Looked into the code that mxb linked today, there is a send_to_display() function in there for the Maschine. It works via SysEx, so you could pretty much just copy that over to a lua tool. Well worth a look imo!