Has Anyone Ever Sold Their Steinberg License?

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this or a similar situation and can advise me on how it’s done.

I’ve got a registered copy of Cubase Essentials 4 and I want to upgrade to Cubase Studio 5. Instead of upgrading my product I wish to sell my CE4 and purchase CS5 new since the price is similar to an upgrade but I won’t have to wait for it to be shipped to me.

Anyway, the question is how easy is it for me to sell CE4 with the dongle to some other person and fully transfer the registration and license to them? Has anyone done this before? Is it a pain in the ass? Is it even possible? Thanks.

As far as i know this depends on your location. Best to ask this here, they’ve done this several times. I think there is a transfer fee involved with iLok, but better ask, to be sure.


Thanks Beatslaughter!

I wrote Steinberg about the situation and apparently you have to contact the main office in order to remove the registration from your account before someone else can register it.

They didn’t mention a transfer fee… let’s hope I don’t get any nasty surprises.