Has anyone figured Text to Speech xrni?

In the stock instrument pack, under vocals, there is an instrument called text to speech.xrni. It’s cool and appears to be set up to take advantage of the phrase editor, in fact comes with some built in phrases, one that should say RNS and another that should say LFO. If I click play or trigger a phrase with a note, the little green bar starts ticking down normally as if it’s playing, but there is no sound produced. I can play all the samples on the keyboard just fine, just can’t figure out what I’m missing on the phrases.

doesn’t work here either.

Seems to be a slight error in the base note mapping. Probably just overlooked while compiling all the instruments for the factory library. Easy to fix if you just set the appropriate base note.

For each phrase, set the base note (right-click the piano keys) to the first note in the mapped range. So, for the “RNS” phrase, set the base note to C-0. For the “LFO” phrase, set the base note to C-1.

Aha that did it! Thanks.

Could also change the phrase key tracking from transpose to offset to cause the phrase to play.

I’m not sure why?