Has Anyone Made Any Renoise Paraphernalia?

Like Renoise bumper stickers, shirts, buttons, patches (sew on), keychains, anything like that?

I know it may seem silly, but I know I’d probably buy some.

There has been some discussion about it in the past. Thread here I’d surely want a shirt or something :)

Yess… I remember seeing a t-shirt with that R-logo on the chest. Very cool. Would probably buy one of those myself :)

Kaki t-shirt with a dark red logo like the website would be a sure buy for me aswell.

To the Devs:

http://www.spreadshirt.de/ (I have a Shop by myself on http://www.hardstyle.tv/))

sounds wicked… 'd defnitly buy sum / spread te stuff…

the furtherest ive gone sofar is :

printed the renoise logo on paper for a rear mobile phone case…

haha :yeah:

thanks for the reminder, we do already have a shop set up but its not published yet. i need to make some updates to the motives. lets hope i am not that busy this weekend so i can get this finally done.

oh yes you will be busy: you have to update the forum :rolleyes:

hell yes… do you want to take care of the shop?

Yeah, the quality is quite good.

We sold a lot of t-shirts at hardstyle.tv :) Here are some images:

if it is something which does not involve any graphician capabilities, I could help you

i got a good friend of mine to make a vinyl sticker vector template from the high res logo Pulsar gave us, i think he even has them on his site. the only pic i have is in the milkytracker is dope thread of this subforum (you guys probably seen it), its stuck to a prodikeys keyguard.
he has all different colors, he can make all different sizes to, just not really really small.

next thing i want to see is a brushed metal version, to put on my ibook!

I ordered one of my own mouse pads with a design I created. Fantastic quality. Not certain about the shirts…


If it does involve any graphician stuff (i.e. to interface it with the rest of the site) I can lend a hand.

actually it does… some vecotor graphic editing, motive placement / alignment on the shirts and css editing is required… Not that much work though.

Anyway, i will try to get it done this weekend too. Forum should not take longer than 4-5hours (theme adaption, database migration). I will let you know otherwise.

Thanks for the offer.

Hmm as a graphic artist I think the stuff you are talking about sounds easy, vectorizing placement etc.

And I would probably fix those things quite quick and do a very good work.
I would love to do it because I think we have been waiting for stuff with a Renoise logo way to long.

Though right now I can’t promise I would do it in less than a month. I don’t have any sparetime at all.

I will update my mailadress in the Renoise backstage if you want to send me any stuff.

Edit: I know its easy but it probably was 10 years since I did any CSS editing though.

As we have new browsers, CSS has become easier these days :) The only browser that needs CSS-Hacks is the IE :)

Np. Good luck. :)


still working on it though.

ah nioce!

i think i will buy a messenger bag(hope its big enuff for my ibook(12")), an at least 1 of those brown t’s
any camo?

hmm lots of black an blue?
why so much black an blue? you guys arent goths are you?
oh yeh, your still workin on it. :)

need some oldschool acid style futuristic designs!

hmm when they say ‘discs’ they mean vinyl discs right?

if i would only learn to read. :P