Has The Volume Command Changed?

Once again sorry if there is already discussion on this on the forum, but using search provided no help…

I’m finding the volume command function a bit difficult to use, since I am an oldschool trackerer who started tracking on an Atari platform…

I think back in the days on FT2 you had volume controls from 00 to 40 and now in Renoise they are from 00 to FF (?)

Also using the Cxx command seems to affect the channel volume instead of the volume of the note thats being played back…

Am I just imagining this or have these things changed?


PS. once again… not meaning to whine, just want to discuss this so no flaming intended =)

Note volume range is from 00 - 80 (128 levels to match MIDI)

If you want to affect the volume of individual notes, simply insert an amount into the volume column.

As always, more info can be found in the Renoise Wiki


LCTRL+LSHIFT+P makes the pan column appear for the current track. this option remains remembered on song reloading, per track.

I’ve changed the manual and added some more directions on the hidden panning column… The application of effects on the tracks can be found in the side-notes upon the effect command manual page.

I now also have added some extra remarks behind each described column to what note(s) it has effect on, inside the pattern editor manual page.

Argh so this means that old XM’s cannot be played back correctly… Damn… I was just wondering why my old songs sound like there is something wrong with the volumes…

normally, XM 00…40 volumes should be mapped to the new 00…7F range. if you notice something wrong with this conversion, then it should be because of an importing bug.

yeah… there is something here… I have buggy importing on allmost every old XM i try… =)

Does anyone else feel like the volume command would do better with just 00-40 values?!

When composing manually I really can’t see why there is need for more - though it is cool to have more accurate “levelling” =) Still it gets a bit hard when you make it by hand.

Anyways… all is cool as it is though it would be cooler & faster in terms of composing if the levels could be switchable to FT2 style…

[quote="#<0x00005628553a1a00>, post:7, topic:20442"]
Does anyone else feel like the volume command would do better with just 00-40 values?!


00-80 = more accuracy.

More accuracy = better.</0x00005628553a1a00>