have 8 row pattern - how to play in a 128 row melody

hi, is there a tool or something i can use to simply have a 8 row pattern playing and then play in a 128 row melody on top of that - without having to stop everything, create a new phrase in the phrase editor, slam in a note to toggle the phrase, and then get to the phrase editor and hope i can get that melody in after all that thinking and clicking on the gui removed it from my mind?

Noodletrap was created with this kind of workflow in mind. However…

As the author of the tool, I’m ashamed to admit that it’s currently got some technical issues.

Nothing to do with Renoise as such, it’s just that I’ve beeen too busy to look into it and fix the problems.

BUT that should change soon enough… :slight_smile:

Have you had the time to update it in the past 5 years?