Have A Loop Function For The Automation Curve

Hi :)

I already worked with a tool that was able to loop a selection in the automation curve. That was very convenient for quickly creating a LFO of my choise. The loop option should be either on or off so that you can play around with the selection/range and have real time loop changes.
I don’t want to draw 10 sinusoidal curves nor copy and then paste 9 times.


Why not use the LFO Device?

ctrl+c > ctrl+p

Ups… sorry for the late reply.

@kazakore & Gooze:
Thank you for the hints, i think i overlooked the CUSTOM LFO and the “paste continuously” function which should be good workarounds.


Remember that will the latest version the Automation resolution got updated, so to copy and past between automation and LFO that 1 line equal 256 LFO points.

Also never forget how powerful the Reset command is for LFOs!