Have a mono-button, 2 check 4 dissapearing sounds

From the start a mono button was suggested, then it was deciced that a stereo expander would be more versatile, so that was implemented instead of a button. Just add it to the master track and set it to 0%, which will be the same as mono. Unless I’ve missed something here, it should do the same as the monomaker VST :huh:

Yes, didn`t think of that! :) thanks Johan,

Just testing whether there was an audible difference between the two I noticed something funny with the stereo expander on mono giving a different result to the dfx plug. I will try to find out what is at fault here with a little more testing/ bug hunting…

(this was only in one example though.)

Yes, the native ‘stereo expander’ gives a different result…

I think that a more appropriate result can be obtained with, for example, the TbT’s SX Mono button, that can be found here (a ftp link).
I’m not sure if the result is really more appropriate, since I’d have to try that on some mono TV or radio… but it works just like the mono button in Wavelab and like the mono .wav converting. So it must be it.

The difference can be heard, for example, when using a small ms delay on a L or R channel on a track with a mono instrument in Renoise. (Tried with Voxengo’s AudioDelay.) With the ‘stereo expander’ set to 0(aka “mono”) it will still sound nice, whereas with the Mono Button VST it will sound weak and “flangy”.

When using certain effects for the stereo concept, some stereo images start to sound very “tunneled” when being played mono.
If the sound just sounds mono but you don’t notice anything of the effect, this is a better result and means that you applied the stereo effect in the best way.

The heavier the effect is the harder it is to get a compromised output in mono though.


I mean… we have a mixer now! And the master channel is larger, so the button would fit nicely. :)

I think ermi is absolutely right. a mono option in the gainer device is a bit misplaced as you ask me.
This fuction will be mostly used to monitor what your mix does in mono.
in the mixer this would be easy and quicker than bringing up the gainer device, and after monitoring deleting it again.
and I think the most people who worked with mixing consoles and other apps are more likely to search for this function in the mixer than the gainer device.