Have A Sigh

Any1 into acid breaks?

My newest (finished) track, if you have tips for improving the track or sound… you’re very welcome :P

Kcirr3d - Have a Sigh


Everything sounds okay in my speakers. I’ve been listening to a lot of breakbeat lately and this track clearly fits in that genre while using interesting acidy analog sounds. The breakdowns and buildups are top. Lot’s of ear candy too, which I personally enjoy. I like little “honk honk” sound that keeps playing. I’m bookmarking your site because I’m sure you have other great tracks to download. :walkman:

This song is now also available @t the songs page.


Yeah, funkadelic breaks man !
Really like that build-up … tight groove, acupuncturistic rythms … !

I’m not too familiar with breakbeat but hey … fark genres …
I hear a solid track balancing on the edge of going highwires,
keep my head nodding, feet tapping tapebreak feelgooderism

Nice work man !

This is a good song. I just think that some of the background layer synth pads taking place in the main body of the song could have a fuller sound somehow–something about this song is a little thin sounding. Even a layer of cheap strings or choir samples really quiet in the mix cloning the synth pad layers would fatten it up a bit. It may be just personal taste. I also imagine the basslines–particularly the deeper sine-wavish basslines–being louder in the mix. The breaks in the song are superbly done.

Overall a very good song. Good job! :)

EDIT: I should add the really prominent synth pads that are much louder in the mix sound great. When I say pads I’m thinking of the sounds that have a slow attack.

Thanx Kizzume,
i really had a hard time making the final master. All those synth layers with different settings… some still too quiet because other sounds take too much room in the mix.
More volume on the baseline is also a good idea, i’ll try that.