Have Any Of You Found Renoise To Be Comfortable To Use On A Macbook?

Have any of you found Renoise to be readable on a MacBook? I tested 1.8RC1 on a MacBook Core2Duo in my colleges’ bookstore (it was up on a high table), and I found the text in the interface uncomfortable on the MacBook screen to the point that I was craning my neck trying to read it (even with pattern font size turned up to “huge.”)

To be fair, my current system is a 17" PowerBook, so it could just be the “adjustment” period to a 13" screen
(although I did play with my friends’ 13" MacBook sitting on the couch at her house with other apps, and I didn’t feel any of these effects.)

Are there plans to address this in a future version? (ie. selectable text size for interface text?)

What have your experiences been using Renoise on the MacBook?


I don’t have experienced it on a mac laptop.
I use an Acer with Windows XP.
the text is no problem on the 15.4" WXGA screen.

the only thing I miss very bad is a numric keypad.

like one of theese? http://www.amazon.com/Adesso-19-Key-Numeri…0/dp/B0000TW3N8

i use renoise on a 12" G4 Powerbook. I’ve been able to configure the GUI to be quite comfortable. You may want to look at decreasing the font size, and increasing the spacing between fields instead. also changing the default display in the effect column from 0000 to ---- made the pattern editor much more eyeball friendly for me.

ot: for a recent gig i got to try renoise out on a brand new 15" MacBook Pro… damn that’s a sweet laptop for this program :dribble:

i think my 6month budget just shrank $2000