Have "loop" (64Rows, F.ex), But Wish To Lay In Say 1024Rows Of

how would i easily go from a 64 or 128 row loop to the same tempo, but lowest possible LPB, so that it’d be possible to hear the original loop play, but lay in pads on top of it. I know you can render the pattern to a wavefile, and I guess could do all of this straight up, but is there some way of “maintaining fidelity” + “getting an accurate sound out” out of a master-output wav recording, as what renoise gives out ordinarily with the multiple channels of data.

It’d then be interesting to be able to somehow expand the really low-LPB pads to the appropriate length to accommodate the original 64 or 128 row loop of drums+backing + etc.

on the other hand, is there a way i could use extremely low LPB’s somewhere in a track and replay “what’s currently playing in the ordinary-LPB pattern” without losing the stereo image, and maintaining the dynamix of the rendered-to-wav-wav which I’ve reloaded back into Renoise?